ProHealth 2020 is a family owned company based in College Station, Texas. We are national distributors of ZOONO and provide peace of mind to both local and worldwide businesses.

See how we're making waves in our community and across the globe!

In Our Community:

University of Houston: ProHealth 2020 & Capture Coating

KBTX: ProHealth 2020 and the ENDEAVRide telehealth

KBTX: ProHealth 2020 Sanitation Machine

Brazos Wellness Radio: Interview with Dan Quinn, Co-Owner of ProHealth 2020

KBTX: ProHealth 2020 teams up with Aggieland Outfitters 

Global News:
United Airlines: Zoono used in airplane cabins
CBS: Fogging movie theaters with Zoono-EVO Entertainment
Metro Trains in UK use Zoono to disinfect

 You can find a full list of our local and national customers here

News/Media Inquiries 

Dan Quinn: // (979) 693-6034